Legislation Supported By Casino Giants Will Encourage Casinos To Play Sports In Texas

Legislation Supported By Casino Giants Will Encourage Casinos To Play Sports In Texas

The laws sponsored by the Las Vegas Sands gaming empire to allow casino gaming in Texas were submitted by two Texas lawmakers on Tuesday LVKINGSG. The law was tabled at the Chamber and Sen. Carol Alvarado, D- Houston, Senate by Rep. John Kuempel, R-Seguin. As joint author of the House resolution, Rep. Toni Rose, D-Dallas, was subsequently included. The plans would create special casino licences for four destination casinos in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Austin, the four major metropolitan areas within the state. At the same time, a Texas Gaming Commission will be established to oversee casinos, tax.

Legislation backed by casino giant would allow casinos, sports gambling in  Texas | The Daily

Mega donor 

Games and slot machines permit sports betting independently. The law would include an amendment to the Texas Constitution, which prohibits any gaming in Texas at present. Just a 2/3 vote by the legislators of both houses is this necessary, and then voting consent in the elections in November. Kuempel is the Vice President of the Licensing and Management Board for the State-regulated markets, including current gaming choices. In the meantime, Alvarado presides over the Democratic Senate Caucus.

In the past few months, Las Vegas Sands, created by Sheldon Adelson, the late GOP megadonor, has invested millions of dollars on construct a major drive in the Capitol. Almost six tens of lobbyists. The deadline to submit the bills is Friday for the two-year legislature that began in January.

“We welcome the sponsorship of the bill and are delighted to continue discussing the opportunities for the extension of tourism offers in Texas through tourism destinations with elected politicians and community members,” said Andy Abboud, senior vice-president of Las Vegas Sands, in a statement.

Legislation backed by casino giant would allow casinos, sports gambling in  Texas

Consistent with vision 

The law is in line with the goal set by Las Vegas Sands for Texas’ casinos: a cap on the number and the minimum investments needed to draw only the right operators for the mixed use “destination resorts” in the state’s largest population centres. In order to do this, the act needs spending in Dallas-Fort of Worth and Houston for property and construction of at least $2 billion, and for San Antonio and Austin of at least 1 billion dollars.

The licences of the “destination beach” must be deemed to be “class I.” The law would then produce three “Class II” licences in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio for “small casino games.” Then, two permits for equally small casino spinning on the tracks of Greyhound in corpus Christi and Harlingen will be made eligible for “Class III.”

The complete casino legalisation will also include the State of El Paso, Eagle Pass, and Livingston’s three federally registered Native American tribes. You can deliver small gaming right now.

Fresh revenue

The law will also raise new income for the state by placing a 10% tax on table games and a 25% tax on slot machines. State legislators have a budget surplus of almost $1 billion, but Las Vegas Sands have played casinos down as a short-term workaround for the deficit, relying more on their long-term fiscal, employment and tourism impacts.


Although the Las Vegas Sands bills are not calling for the legalisation of Sports Wagering, the Capitol is pushing itself and launched a legislative initiative last month by Texas’ main athletic teams and betting sites.


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